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Best buy stocks by sectors concerning Business Cycle

Business cycle is the periodic but irregular up-and-down movement in production and jobs. A business cycle has 2 phases - recession and expansion - and 2 turning points - peak and trough. Calverley (2003, pp. 15-19) classifies business cycle stages and attractive investment opportunities as:
  • recovery: country's cyclical stocks and commodities.
  • early expansion: country's stocks and property.
  • late expansion: country's bonds and interest rate sensitive stocks.
  • early recession: country's bonds and interest rate sensitive stocks.
  • recession: country's stocks and commodities.
Considering this short overview, people should know what to buy by now. Everyone has agree that we are in the recession period, right?! So, what are we waiting for?? Go for commodities and government related stocks.

Keep your risk rewarding. Play safe!!


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